The future of gaming between nostalgia and innovation

Video games used to be considered a nerd thing, just like comics and fantasy. Then, with technological innovation and an epoch-making social change, video games (as well as comics and fantasy) became mainstream, entered all of our homes and won more and more fans.

Thanks to social and mobile devices, also, even those who have no experience of playing, have spent some free time with all those free games available online, usually puzzle games, which work even without downloading specific apps.

In short, the world of video games in recent years has really evolved in every aspect. But what does it have in store for us in the future?

Cloud gaming and retrogaming

There are two terms that currently dominate: cloud gaming and retrogaming. What are they? Cloud gaming is the new revolution in the world of video games. It’s essentially a way to play online, where our favorite titles are stored online and the user just has to connect through the network to the platform and start playing, as if watching an episode of our favorite TV series in streaming.

Google has recently launched its cloud gaming service, Stadia, which promises to revolutionize the way we play. Of course, the remarriage of the manufacturers of consoles and video games has not been long in coming: cloud gaming will definitely be a key part of the future of gamers.

Cloud gaming has also stimulated another great passion of the moment, retrogaming. It’s true that it’s an unconditional love for the great games and consoles of the past, between the 80’s and 90’s, but it’s also true that not everyone can afford to collect old vintage titles, and many are approaching retrogaming through cloud gaming platforms, which also offer their users great classics of the past, long forgotten and now rediscovered by the general public.

More and more powerful devices

Technological innovation also ensures a bright future for video games. In fact, not a day goes by in which a new component or a new device does not come out more and more powerful, capable of greatly improving the performance and playability of the titles on the market. Just think of the level of graphics processing that has been achieved in recent years, from games like Red Dead Redemption, for example. In addition to devices, the network itself is increasingly powerful: even here in Italy, especially in large cities, are available service providers that, thanks to the FTTH system, ensure the gamers a fluidity and speed of connection unthinkable until a few years ago.

Programs and software complete this picture. There are in fact systems that act on the connection making it more stable, as with VPNs, and tools that go to analyze your Internet network to correct any errors. In this way, your online games will flow as smooth as oil.

A pop world

As we said at the beginning, video games are no longer considered a nerd thing. They have entered our homes, our daily routines, the cinema and literature: video games have become pop. And thanks to this success, apps have been developed that allow players to exchange tips and strategies, apps that allow players to watch other players perform various missions and levels, and more and more tournaments with professional gamers (and therefore paid) are organized around the world.

So what will be the future of gaming? Surely it is an ever-expanding sector, which will do its utmost to win even more players. We’re sure to see some great ones!