Sapere is Power, the app of the exciting PS4 quiz game

Among the searches of the App Store stands out Sapere è Potere, an application that must necessarily be combined with the homonymous video game for Playstation 4. It is in fact a companion app that transforms each participant’s smartphone or tablet into a very personal controller game.

For playing

Specifically, to play the PS4 console connected to the TV is required, the game Sapere è Potere and the application mentioned above, available for free on the iOS and Android stores. Mobile devices and consoles will have to be connected to the same WiFi network and matched together following the instructions shown on the screen of smartphones and tablets, a process that takes a few minutes and, if the home WiFi network is not stable enough, you can use the same as PS4 as a gaming hotspot.

What is it about

In Sapere è Potere you can challenge friends and family in a real battle between brains: it is in fact a quiz for 2-6 players that moves on the classic mechanics of television quizzes and in which smartphones and tablets will be used by individual participants to answer the questions of general culture, cinema and music from the 1980s to the present day proposed by the system.

How does it work

Before starting, each participant takes a selfie and assigns a nickname by selecting one of the eight avatars available, then choosing the game mode in which to play.

At that point, as we said, you will have to answer – correctly and as quickly as possible – a series of multiple choice questions and complete mini-games. The goal is to climb the Pyramid of Knowledge, overcoming the other participants to win the game.

During the game it will also be possible to virtually launch disturbing elements to the opponents – such as bombs, dancers, hidden words, etc. – to slow them down and put them in difficulty or auto-doparse with powers that add, for example, extra points in the case of a correct answer, 50 and 50 (as in “Who wants to be a millionaire” to eliminate two wrong answers and so on).

Having a personal device to play means that the other participants cannot see the answers selected by others, making the challenge even more compelling.

In Sapere è Potere, in short, the fastest finger on the sofa wins, but it must be accompanied by a good dose of knowledge (or luck).