Samsung still has no idea when the folding Galaxy Fold will ship.

The arrival date of Galaxy Fold is slipping because Samsung does not know when it will be able to make shipments. Another bad blow to the image of the giant for its first folding terminal of 2,000 euros

Better an iPhone today than a folded tomorrow (perhaps): it is undoubtedly intriguing the idea of having in your hands a smartphone that if necessary opens to turn into a mini pocket travel tablet: to have it some (few) are willing to pay the 2,000 euros needed to pre-order it.

Too bad, however, that once paid the sum the manufacturer has changed its plans. When the first reviewers complained about screens with problems, broken because of the incorrect removal of a layer that should not be removed or simply failures and breaks without any human error, Samsung has rightly thought of postponing shipments of the first units.

Unfortunately, Samsung has still not announced an arrival date today. This creates a climate of indefinite suspension, which seems to be further aggravated by another piece of missing information: the multinational has not yet expressed its opinion on the problems of Galaxy Fold and especially on possible solutions.

The only certain deadline is that of law: in the U.S. a letter sent to customers who have pre-ordered Galaxy Fold informs that, except for communications from the user, the order will be canceled if the terminal is not shipped by May 31.

The refund to those who have pre-ordered is certainly not a problem for the multi-billion dollar budget of Samsung, and not even for its total of smartphones shipped each year, we are around 300 million pieces. The managers of the giant had anticipated that the first folding terminal would be built in only one million pieces in the first year, a decision taken both for the high sales price, both for the complexity of production.

In the story remains a doubt about all: is it possible that no one outside and inside Samsung called to try Galaxy Fold in the process of completion and pre-launch, has discovered problems and inconveniences that have stumbled upon the first reviewers within a few hours of delivery?