Nanoleaf lights up the challenge of the Call of Duty Forth Worth gamers in Milan

Nanoleaf smart panels create the right atmosphere for every event: they will light up the gamers’ challenge at the Videogame Party Home in Milan: 5 Nanoleaf Aurora kits will be up for grabs in the tournament on 16 March.

The Nanoleaf panels with fully adjustable and customizable light will illuminate the challenges of professional video players broadcast live in Milan by the Call of Duty Forth Worth which takes place in Texas. Macitynet saw them working at CES 2019.

The CWL Forth Worth competition aims to win a place among the most important in the panorama of professional tournaments, will take place on the next 15, 16 and 17 March in Texas. 16 Pro teams and, for the first time, 256 amateur teams will participate in the event, sharing a prize pool of $325,000 and $75,000 respectively. In order to enter “virtually” the heated overseas gaming arena, fans and Call of Duty enthusiasts gathered in Milan for a viewing party.

Nanoleaf will contribute to ignite the passion and the cheers by providing the Italian event with 15 panels of its Aurora solution to make it even more attractive and themed Videogames Party Home, the location of Viale Monte Nero 78, which will host the event.

And that’s not all: 5 Nanoleaf Aurora 9-piece kits will be up for grabs during the Italian community tournament to be held on 16 March. On the occasion of the Milanese party, it is estimated that there will be about a thousand spectators on Twitch during live and over 500,000 single views between Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, thanks to the presence of prominent figures in the Italian panorama of Call of Duty and beyond, such as Rampage In The Box, VeloX, Matteo “Ata” Vassolo, Leonardo “Kolgaa” Nisi.

The Kit Nanoleaf Aurora is suitable for those who love design and for those who want to add fun to their home. The starting kit consists of 9 modular panels of triangular shape (25.9 x 25 cm), which can be arranged according to your needs, in the shape and direction you prefer to give space to the imagination.

They adapt to any environment and are easy to install because there is no need to drill holes in the wall: they are equipped with double-sided mounting strips and work with the home Wi-Fi network and the kit is expandable up to 30 panels.

It is a new smart lighting system that combines technology and lighting design: it offers control, including voice, directly from smartphones thanks to compatibility with Apple HomeKit, via the Home app (available from iOS 10 onwards) for iPhone or iPad.

From the application you can customize your lighting, choosing from a palette of 16.7 million colors. The white light is adjustable between 927 C° and 6227 C°, passing from the warm tones of the sunset to the bright ones of the daylight. Light variations can be customised to suit your needs by setting up alerts that ensure complete automation of the system.

Nanoleaf products are distributed in Italy by Nital, with a retail price starting from 210 euro. They are also available at discounted prices starting from this page of Amazon Italia.