Mario Kart Tour iOS and Android is closer, Nintendo announces beta

Announced over a year ago, it was due to arrive in March, unfortunately Nintendo has postponed Mario Kart Tour iOS and Android but now finally come two good news. First of all the multinational Mario announces that Mario Kart Tour in beta version will be released within next month and that the launch times have not changed: the first racing game on go-karts starring all the most famous characters of Nintendo will arrive this summer.

Among the most famous Nintendo titles developed for smartphones and tablets, Mario Kart Tour will be the third after Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. As with previous releases, Nintendo is keeping the features and functions of the new upcoming game as confidential as possible.

They’ll be able to discover everything or almost everything about the lucky beta testers who will be able to try out the first Mario Kart Tour Beta. The developer points out that this is a closed beta with limited distribution in Japan and the United States.

Considering the enormous popularity of Mario and the Mario Kart saga is virtually certain that the number of users who will propose themselves as testers will exceed the maximum possible limit, for this reason Nintendo warns that in this case will randomly draw participants. The release of the Mario Kart Tour Beta is scheduled to take place between 22 May and 4 June.

Although the beta is only indicated for Android, the expected title will be released seems simultaneously for both iOS and the green robot. In short, by now we should be there: taking into account the arrival of the beta at the end of May and avoiding further postponements we can play Mario Kart for the first time on iPhone and Android this summer.