Apex Legends coming soon to iPhone and Android

Apex Legends, the Battle Royale of the moment, may soon arrive on Android and iOS. In a report of the same Electronic Arts.

If Fortnite has held its own in the past months, and still continues to do so when it comes to battle royale titles, it is Apex Legends one of the most prominent competitors on the scene, which should arrive on iPhone and iPad soon. Electronic Arts has confirmed that it is in the process of “advanced negotiations”, to bring Apex Legends on iPhone, iPad and Android.

In fact, the developer did not indicate the platforms precisely, simply anticipating the upcoming title in the mobile version. In any case, considering the spread of the two systems, the importance of the iOS platform and that virtually all major apps and mobile games are available for both iOS and Android, it is fair to assume that Electronic Arts intends to bring this great success on both systems.

As noted by The Verge, EA has detailed its future plans for Apex Legends, and did so during its quarterly earnings conference. The company has publicized the title as the “fastest growing franchise” the company has ever had.

When it comes to bringing the title to mobile, EA says it’s in “advanced negotiations”, so it could soon arrive on Android and iOS. The company has not provided any launch date, but will give updates as soon as “such negotiations are concluded”.

We are in advanced negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and to mobile, and we will update you on the timing of when these negotiations will be concluded.

The team says they are extremely excited about the future of Apex Legends. Players love it, EA reports, which shows the Metacritic score of 89, and an extremely high Net Promoter score.

It’s hard to know when we’ll be able to play Apex Legends on iOS, and which platforms will be chosen: it’s likely to land on iPhone and iPad, but when it comes to Android it’s impossible to make an assessment of which devices will be compatible.

At the moment Apex Legends is officially available for Windows, but at this address is available a guide to play it on Mac.