Android Auto redoes the look, here are the news in the picture

Android Auto is ready to redo the look, here are the photos showing the changes in the Google system for better navigation in the car.

While it is true that Android Auto is particularly useful for driving, on the other hand it is undeniable that the graphical interface is a bit ‘dated, if only because it is particularly similar to its roots in 2014. Years later, an aesthetic update was almost a must. Here it comes. The photos testify to the changes coming.

Of particular interest is the new navigation bar, which will allow you to juggle between turn-by-turn navigation and other apps, such as the one for calls. With the new update, the user should be able to make fewer taps on the screen to skip a song or make a call.

There will also be a new notification centre, and in general the Android Auto system should be able to resume media playback or launch your favorite navigation application when you get into the car.

Still, Android Auto will automatically propose a dark theme as soon as night falls, and if you have an extremely large display, Google will return more information to your screen.

The new Android Auto should be available on all compatible cars “by the end of the summer.” No information about the stand-alone application on Google Play, which runs on all compatible smartphones instead.